The Texas Evaluation Network's (TEN) Summer Evaluation Institute

The Texas Evaluation Network's (TEN) Summer Evaluation Institute met June 20-23, 2016. The institute included a mix of introductory and intermediate-level workshops designed to introduce and/or build skills in all aspects of evaluation. 


Introductory Track                                           

Evaluation 101                                                   

Evaluation Standards & Ethics                          

Using Logic Models to Focus the Evaluation   

Designing Your Evaluation                                 

Gathering Data for Your Evaluation                  

Analyzing Your Evaluation Data                          

Reporting Evaluation Results                             

Designing your Evaluation Report  


Intermediate Track Workshops              

Logic Models Applied 

Dealing with Resistance to Evaluation   

Data Visualization: Designing Reports

Qualitative Methods in Evaluation

How to Write Surveys

Cultural Competency & Plain Language

Data Management Practices  

Mixed Methods in Evaluation


Other Topics

Foundation Perspectives on Evaluation

How to Hire an Evaluator



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